See how CCDI has been sharing our mission and engaging with students at our recent events.

Site Tour

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Clayco hosted 32 students from North Tech High School to tour of an active jobsite. As part of the jobsite visit, Concrete Strategies, Luth and Kone Elevator talked with the students about what characteristics are important to gain employment into their industry. Clayco also reviewed the complexities and details for the project.

Guest of Honor

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On November 1, Chris Conners was the guest of honor at 801 Chop House. Chris is a second-year carpenter working for Concrete Strategies. Chris has volunteered for the National Guard Reserve and is leaving November 20 for boot camp for some 4 months. Congratulations Chris for choosing to serve our country! Dinner attendees included Pat Hannekan from North Tech, Pat Moriarity and Jeff Clark from Concrete Strategies and Tom Sieckhaus and Mike Zetlemeisl from Clayco.

CCDI Construction Academy

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The CCDI Construction Academy brings CCDI students together once a month to discuss careers in construction and learn the soft skills needed to be successful in the industry. During October's Construction Academy, CCDI students learned about the careers of Project Engineers and Craft Laborers as well as interviewing techniques on how to stand out from the crowd.

School Visit

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On October 28, Rick Moeckel visited Darius Wherry at Missouri Western State University for a football game. Rick, a former football player from Missouri Western, is mentoring Darius, who received a scholarship from CCDI earlier this year.

North Tech Open House

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CCDI Scholars Malik Johnson (Clayco), Darren Williams (Flooring Systems), Arlando Bilal (Kuesel Excavating) and Terronn Millett (Icon) helping with Open House at their old school, North Tech High School. Teacher Pat Hanneken was thrilled to have them!

Jennings High School Field Trip

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Jennings High School students visited the Icon Mechanical office and shop in Granite City, Illinois. Students visited many areas of the company, but the BIM modeling area and the fabrication shops were among the highlights. Students also got to see Terronn Millett, who just started working for Icon as a pre-apprentice pipe fitter with Local 562. Terronn was hired after attending the CCDI Annual Career Fair.