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Donate – St. Louis

Donate to CCDI today and make a meaningful contribution to the careers of students in minority communities.

Let’s empower communities — together.

Make a gift online through our secure PayPal site 
by clicking the button below.

Please send any gifts or sponsorships over
$500 to the address listed.
Please make all payments payable to CCDI.
Attn: Rachel Boemer
2199 Innerbelt Business Center Drive
St. Louis, MO 63114

Sponsorship Opportunities

Seize the opportunity to be a source of positive change in your industry and become a sponsor of CCDI.

Sponsorship Levels

Cornerstone Partner – $25,000 x 4 Years = $100,000
• Serving 6 Participants
• Providing funding for transportation to jobsites and training programs
•  Scholarship funds for 4-years, to 6 Students
•  Full sets of tools and appropriate work clothing: jackets/ gloves/ pants
•  Providing technology to participants for at-home learning
•  Providing a crucial stipend to participants in apprenticeship programs
Infrastructure Partner – $12,500 x 4 Years = $50,000
•  Providing 3 participants with stipends to continue their learning
•  Scholarship funds for 4-years, to 3 students
•  Providing technology to participants for at-home learning
•  Full sets of tools for the participants, along with jackets/ gloves/ pants
Integration Partner – $7500 x 4 Years = $30,000
•  Sponsoring 2 participants for 4-years by providing technology, tools and clothing
•  Scholarship for 4-years, to 2 students
•  Providing a vital stipend for participants to expand in their training
Structural Partner – $5000 x 4 Years = $20,000
•  Sponsoring 1 participants for 4-years
•  Scholarship for 4 years for 3 students
•  Full set of tools, work clothes and technology for 2 participants
To learn more about becoming a CCDI sponsor, contact Tom Sieckhaus for CCDI St. Louis at or call 314-592-2221.

One-Time Gift Sponsorships

We are committed to making sure that these gifts make the greatest impacts on students’ lives. Your investment will go to providing vital scholarship funds, supplies that are needed and transportation to training.
Pipeline Investor – $100,000
• Providing for the mentorship of an entire school of students for one school year
• Supplying 15 students with the tools, technology and clothing they need to train
• Sponsoring the transportation to all students for one school year
Transportation Sponsor – $50,000
• Providing transportation for all of our students for 1-year to vital job training courses, job fairs, seminars and all events in correspondence with CCDI
Supply Sponsor – $25,000
• Providing 25 students with the tool-kits they need to compete and succeed. Additionally, these funds will go to provide coats, boots and appropriate work clothes of which these students vitally need.
Job-Fair Sponsor – $10,000
• Sponsor our yearly job fair for students, reaching up to 1000 students and educating them about the various roles in construction and development that they can take on.
To learn more about providing a One-Time Gift, contact Tom Sieckhaus for CCDI St. Louis at or call 314-592-2221.