Construction Career Development Initiative (CCDI) brings diversity to the Design and Construction industry by mentoring and exposing minority/underrepresented and under employed men and women to career development in construction.

Our Guiding Principles


Real World Experience

We go beyond the classroom. We get students into real-world work environments for the most valuable career training.

Building Awareness

Jobs in construction span a diverse range of disciplines and applications. We work to raise awareness of the various trade apprentice programs.

Job Placement

With CCDI, training and mentorship are just the beginning. We provide the support and direction students need to successfully find work.

Academic Scholarship

Our mentorship emphasizes academic goals. We encourage students to pursue two- or four-year degrees, focusing on tuition assistance.

Community Impact Ambassadors

  • Icon Mechanical

    At Icon Mechanical, we believe that the diversity in our industry and community is a fundamental strength of our region, and we want to invest in more inclusive workplaces for the future. We look for ways to bring the experience of our industry to diverse groups of young people to raise awareness and build interest in our field. These are the engineering and contracting professionals of tomorrow.
  • Mentoring

    As a professional in an industry responsible for shaping the places we live, work, shop, play, and pray in, it is my responsibility to advocate for the industry in general and my profession specifically. It is my responsibility to help find, inspire, and guide those that will contribute to the betterment of our industry and communities.  This is a great industry to have a career in, and I want to do my part to be sure that kids in disadvantaged areas understand that this option is there for them.
    - Rick Moeckel, CCDI Mentor
  • St. Louis Blues

    CCDI was recently awarded a scholarship from the St. Louis Blues “Blues for Kids” foundation. This money will go toward furthering our students' education and equipping them with the tools they need to succeed. "Blues for Kids", the charitable trust of the St. Louis Blues, has a mission to positively impact programs and services that improve the health and wellness of youth in the St. Louis area.