Thank you to Keeley Companies for hosting a Saturday Academy session this weekend at the #OliveCrossings project! Our CCDI students had the opportunity to learn about the Keeley’n culture and career opportunities from Mr. Brian Peter, Vice President of Building and Mr. Brian Pate, Superintendent. After the presentation, the students geared up in PPE and got an in-depth tour of the project where they learned more about the subcontracting companies on the job and saw first hand how tradespeople all have to work together to get these awesome projects built safely! Thank you, Mr. Peter & Mr. Pate, for volunteering your time on a Saturday to provide this valuable learning experience to our students. We are excited for CCDI senior student, McKenzie Hughes, to possibly be a future Keeley’n after graduation in May! Thanks for helping to #BuildTheFoundationForChange in St. Louis!