Meet recent CCDI ‘20 grad and new hire, Joseph and CCDI grad ‘19, Terry who are working hard each day at DJM Ecological Services, Inc.

The team awarded Joseph a Visa gift card to help him purchase work clothes, tools and boots for his first day on the job. We had the opportunity to check in last week to see how life post-high school is going and he couldn’t be more thrilled to be working full-time and helping out his family. Joseph said: “Everyone at DJM has been so friendly and helpful to me since I started working. I’ve learned more in the past month than I ever imagined. I’m very happy with my decision to go into the trades after graduating. Thanks Mr. Hanneken and CCDI for helping me get started!”

We also received an excellent update and report about Terry who graduated from the CCDI program in 2019. Terry began his career working for Byrne & Jones and later transitioned into a position at DJM. Erin Mutert of DJM stated: “Terry takes every opportunity to participate in projects at DJM.. he works weekends and travels out of town. He will stay late or come early if something is needed. Since he is so flexible, it has allowed him to see all type of work and learn a lot.”

CCDI would like to thank everyone at DJM for supporting and hiring our graduates!