CCDI Chicago Saturday Academy

We closed out February with the launch of our first Construction Career Development Initiative (CCDI) Saturday Academy. We discussed construction careers and what it takes to enter and be successful in the industry. Alderwoman Mitts

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Chicago CRED Lunch

CCDI Chicago had the opportunity to meet with several young men from the Chicago CRED organization. CRED is a multifaceted program with the mission of reducing gun violence. To create lasting change they work directly

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CCDI Chicago partners with HIRE360

CCDI Chicago is excited to be working with HIRE360 Chicago. HIRE360's mission is to strengthen the workforce participation of underrepresented populations in the Chicago area — with a special focus on engaging youth and mentoring

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CCDI Chicago Mentor Appreciation

CCDI Chicago kicked off the new year with a mentor appreciation event and basketball game outing! We hosted a pre-game reception to acknowledge the work of staff and students helping at risk youth learn about

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Pride Roc Laborers Training Center Tour

Pride Roc, a community based organization, was hosted by the Laborers Union, Kori Jamison, and myself to discuss duties of a Laborer, requirements for joining the union, and toured the Laborers training center. Pride ROC

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Pride Roc Center Visit

Kori Jamison and I visited the Pride Roc Center located at 69th and Halsted. Their facility had work out spaces, meditation, multimedia, music production, and a dining space. We met at length with group leadership

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SHE Can Build It Event

CCDI representatives Dan Lester and Curtis Florence attended the Chicago Women in Trades SHE Can Build It Event on July 23rd. The event covered a variety of topics around hiring and retaining women in the

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Black Contractors Owners and Executives Summer Event

Curtis Florence, a member of CCDI Chicago's leadership, attended the Black Contractors Owners and Executives Summer Event. The event brought together members, sponsors, and developers to discuss upcoming opportunities. Curtis took the opportunity to network

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City Incite Annual Fundraiser

CCDI Chicago attended the City Incite Annual Fund Raiser as a Sponsor’s representative. City Incite is a Chicago-based, non-profit organization created to help inner-city youth unlock new opportunities, gain leadership skills, and give back to

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Changing the Narrative

CCDI Chicago attended the Solve Changing the Narrative event. Solve's software helps people find jobs and resources to overcome all the barriers to employment. The event consisted of acknowledgment of investors, corporate clients, non-profits, and

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