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Our CCDI St. Louis community is vibrant and collaborative. Through the support of our partners and the efforts of our participants, CCDI has grown and proved that bringing positive change through workforce development is possible. If you are interested in joining our CCDI St. Louis community, explore out the great opportunities we offer.


We partner with our clients, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors in the communities in which we operate. Just like them, CCDI is dedicated to St. Louis and its construction workforce. That’s why we give our time, energy and resources to our program.
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Jobs in the construction industry can provide a wide array of career opportunities. CCDI provides mentors to guide our participants through the training processes and apprenticeships and help them enter the construction workforce.
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Our mentors provide CCDI with their time, energy and resources to help our program and our participants. CCDI relies on our mentors from the construction industry to be mentors to our CCDI participants. It is our mentorships hands-on, one-on-one approach that has made our St. Louis program such a success.
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CCDI began as a mentoring program for students looking to join the construction industry, with a high rate of full-time employment after graduation. Our mentoring program is still going strong and continuing to grow each year. You have the power to create the future you want. Start your path to a fulfilling and lasting career.
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Construction Academy

St. Louis’ CCDI program offers local high school students the opportunity to participate in our Construction Academy. The CCDI Construction Academy brings students together once a month to discuss careers in construction and learn the soft skills needed to be successful in the industry.

Construction Academy: November

At the latest CCDI Construction Academy class, students focused on the Clayco trait of “Courage” and how it translates into the daily tasks that happen in construction. Lennel Hunter and Dominic Norton of Clayco took the students through Virtual Design Construction and how VDC helps the construction process.

Students then broke up into teams to practice some design and construction with a marshmallows and toothpick exercise that challenged them see which team could build the highest standing structure.

The class finished with the students polishing up their leadership skills by identifying and defining core values, and creating elevator pitches.  Students got to practice their public speaking skills by sharing their elevator pitches in front of their peers.

Construction Academy: October

CCDI teamed up with North Tech High School and the Construction Innovations program for our October Construction Academy. The Clayco trait of the day was “Teamwork.” The North Tech seniors lead the discussion on safety and how to use hand tools before they broke off into groups to complete a team building carpentry project. We had special visitors from the Nine Network of Public Media who filmed our students in action. CCDI and North Tech are proud to be partners with the American Graduate program. Big thank you to Mr. Hanneken and the North Tech seniors for all their preparation, hard work, and leadership for this academy session.